Live Streaming

We are live streaming EuroBSDCon 2014!

IRC discussion channel #eurobsdcon on EFnet

Saturday & Sunday

Vitosha Hall

Pirin Hall

Rodopi hall

Thursday & Friday

You can watch the Thursday tutorials with mplayer /vlc using the following URLs :

  • Rhodopi hall

Kirk McKusick – An Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System


This is an experimental paid stream, if you want to watch the tutorial live stream you can pay via the link here  – . Upon successful completion of the payment you will receive an e-mail with a password which will allow you access to  the live stream. The cost is 20 EUR a day.

  • Pirin hall

The stream from these tutorials is free.

Peter Hansteen – Building The Network You Need With PF (morning)
Stefan Sperling – Subversion for FreeBSD developers (afternoon)


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